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The comments below are pasted directly from our customers e-mails, we have removed the names for privacy.

24/03/14 - I do appreciate both your faultless work, and your friendly, personal care and attention. It's a pleasure to do business with you.

24/03/14 -   Once again you have done a superb job and produced a beautiful binding just as you did for Volume One!  Thank you too for being so quick and keeping me so well informed about progress. I am full of praise for your work and your faultless service. 

Gosh I havent posted comments for a while - here's a couple that arrived today

28/04/09 - Some of the family have had a quick peek at it and, like me, are well impressed by the quality of your binding and the general presentation of the book. The book is something I have always wanted to do and I am sure it will be something precious to be handed down through future generations.

20/06/08 - Many thanks for an excellent job done and a quick return.

20/06/08 - Good work.  As always  I am most impressed with your binding work.

21/05/08 - Just to let you know that the books arrived this morning and I have looked at them and my opinion is 10/10
this are great and very well done.

25/09/07- Thank you very much indeed for safe dispatch and delivery of my books, which
arrived today, as promised. I have to say that I am more than impressed by your expertise and efficiency

08/09/07- I am delighted with the volumes, and, as you only received the work on Monday, it was great to  have the finished articles returned to me so soon. Thank you so much. I am also impressed with your prompt, courteous and helpful responses to my emails, and certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend "haveitbound" to friends.

05/07/07- My well wrapped book safely delivered this morning -excellent job. Thank you very much

05/07/07- Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful service

15/06/07- lovely job. Thank you so much

09/05/07- Thank you, the book was safely delivered to me this morning. As with previous books which you have bound for me I am impressed with the binding and the 'look' of  this volume. Once again my thanks.

29/03/07- Just to let you know that the book has been delivered safely. I am very pleased with an excellent job well done-it's really made all the effort worthwhile.Thank you very much.

13/03/07- Once again many thanks for doing such a good job.

26/02/07- Thank you very much for the books, they look wonderful.

08/02/07 - The books all arrived today, beautifully packed, and I was delighted with your work -  they look really good.

23/01/07 - I am so impressed with your work and efficiency. This is the result of nearly 40 years research - long before computers made the job easier. To say that I am overjoyed is not an understatement

07/12/06 - My book arrived safely today. You've done an absolutely superb job thank you so much. I'm very happy with every aspect of your service, from the help and advice you gave me prior to my placing my order to the quality of the work itself. I would without hesitation recommend you to others

07/12/06 - I received today the parcel containing my 3 books. I cannot express how delighted and impressed I am with your work. What you have produced is beyond my wildest dreams and I find it difficult to stop looking at the bound volumes.

02/12/06 - Books received safely 0915 hrs, today, Saturday.   I was so delighted with the previous two that even though it was client work I decided to have a copy for myself. Once again, many thanks for an excellent job.

23/10/06- I'm extremely impressed with this example of the superior quality of the book-binders craft.   You've really done my work proud and at such a good price.   I have no reservation about recommending you to fellow genealogists.

23/10/06 - Thank you I received it on Saturday and I am delighted with it.

22/09/06 - Thanks for the lovely binding job you did on G and C's wedding album. They were completely overawed - and thought it was 'amazing and wonderful'.

21/06/06 - Book arrived safely yesterday, fantastic job!

14/06/06 - The books have arrived this morning, so yet another big thank you for all your efforts.

18/05/06 - Order received safely. You have made a very good job of it. Many thanks,

09/05/06 - binding has arrived in perfect condition, thank you.

09/05/06 - Just writing to say the books have been delivered and I am absolutely delighted with them. Yet another first class job, so thank you very much indeed.

05/04/06 - The books arrived today all in excellent condition. Another impressive piece of work.

01/04/06 - Book arrived safely this morning and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderfully bound book.

17/12/05 - Just a line to thank you for your e-mails and to acknowledge the safe receipt of my books,The quality is superb and have recommended your service to many friends and family,Thank you for the speed and quality of service I have received,

09/12/05 - Just to let you know that my books have arrived safe and sound. They are superb, thank you.

02/12/05- The books arrived this afternoon. All very professionally packed and with no damage whatsoever. They all look excellent, and another good job to add to your long list. Thanks for keeping me in touch along the way. I have to say you are a great communicator, and I'm sure we will be talking to each other again.

15/11/05 - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this. I am really pleased with the result and as it is going to be a present for my nan I know she will be thrilled with it.

04/08/05 - We are delighted with the quality of your service and the look of the finished books. Having our family history bound by you, rather than putting it in a file, gives it a much more professional look.

28/07/05 - The books have arrived just now, and they look absolutely fantastic. You really have done an utterly professional job. I can't quite believe that this is my book sitting here.

16/06/05 - Thank you for such a prompt and professional job, I could not have wished for better.

08/06/05 - My books arrived this morning with my ordinary post, all safe! Thank you very much for them - they are absolutely wonderful, and I am really pleased. The binding is very good and makes my 'work' look very professional.

04/06/05 - Once again I thank you for a wonderful job you did on my book. I'm thrilled with this one especially as I took an age over each individual photo. They all look good standing up together

06/05/05 - A very professional finish and service. I recommend this binder to any degree student producing a major project or dissertation that has not left there work to the last minute. I highly recommend the slip cases. Once again a great service with a smile!

13/04/05 - I am absolutely delighted with my books - you have made a brilliant job of them, I can't tell you how pleased I am! Seeing them bound and in all their glory makes all the effort that I put into writing the book worth while. I will certainly recommend you to everyone, and say what a wonderful, quick and friendly service you offer.

12/03/05 - The books arrived safely this morning, and they look great! Thanks very much indeed for your excellent service.

04/03/05 - I have just received the book, and I am absolutely delighted with the result. It really is very professional, so thank you very much indeed.

17/02/05 - We are really pleased with the job you have done. Many thanks

12/12/04 - Received binding today (Saturday). What can I say! Very impressed, can't wait to see father-in-laws face

10/12/04 - The book arrived early yesterday VERY pleased with the result, a very quick turnaround especially considering it's near Christmas. I have recommended your service to the other people involved in my project it really does make the book professional looking.

28/10/04 - Very pleased with the result.

25/10/04 I am more impressed than I can say and lookforward to completing my magnus opus in a few weeks' time so I can let you loose upon it.

07/09/04 - Superbly bound and presented volumes. They are brilliant: we are over the moon with the end result.

06/08/04- Thank you so much for another book excellently bound. They look so good on the shelf of the bookcase - in order that they take pride of place my husband is going to build a cabinet especially to take these when I have done the last one.

20/07/04 - My order arrived as promised on Saturday morning. Thanks for doing a wonderful job - seeing things bound up in such a beautiful way makes it all seem a little more real and worthwhile. I will certainly be using you again, and will recommend you whenever possible.

17/06/04 - I am highly delighted with the result, very many thanks for your good work.

17/05/04 - Received books this morning, very well packed. Very pleased. The volumes are excellent, very well presented, they would grace any private library

14/05/04 - Volume safely received this morning. I can only repeat my admiration for your work and my satisfaction with your service.

14/04/2004 - Books arrived safely this morning, 14th April. We are extremely pleased with them, they do look so professional, I feel it has been a great joint achievement. Thank you for all your help and contact.

19/03/2004 - The volume was safely delivered this morning. Another excellent job. I hope to complete a sixth work for binding in three or four weeks. They will make a handsome collection in the bookcase. My original manuscripts were kept in cardboard boxes: it was a tedious job to find a particular topic. I always knew that having them properly bound was the answer but I never found anyone interested in binding a single volume. Many thanks for making life easier for me. By the way, my final volume will be my autobiography: it can reveal that I am 95 years of age.

Comment - A role model to us all

08/03/2004 - Excellent job, they have come out far better than I had expected, thanks again.

28/02/04 - To say that I am delighted with it is an under-statement. The binding is a gratifying enhancement of a work that took over 20 years to compile.

23/01/04 - Volume received this morning. An excellent job again. I hope to send another book for binding next month. Your standard of service should be a role model for most of today's suppliers.

09/01/04 - Received bound copy of Yachting this morning. Am delighted with an excellent job. I have other books for binding and hope to send one next week

19/12/03 - Stephen, I am happy to tell you that the books arrived today. That's 11 days after you sent them.They arrived in excellent condition. You have really done an excellent job on the binding and I am impressed with the quality of your workmanship. Thank you for all your help in trying to track them down.

Comment - Even though it was Christmas this was the longest the post office has ever taken to deliver one of our parcels. The books where too heavy for Special Delivery so we had to go for the next best and that was First Class insured for £250. The distance between the customer and us was 149 miles. That means they travelled an average of 0.5 miles an hour, faster than a snail at 0.03mph but much slower than a chicken at 9mph. I don't think however we could have trusted a monkey.

04/11/03- I am happy to confirm that the bound book arrived safe and sound this morning and I am very pleased with it indeed. It matches exactly what I wanted and looks very handsome now that the bundle of leaves has been turned into a proper book. I'd also like to say that the instructions on your website were clear and helpful and I appreciated your answering so promptly the various queries I had sent. It was a rare pleasure, too, to be e-mailed with progress reports and to see the personal interest you were taking in my order, something rather unusual these days. I can find no fault with your craftmanship or customer service and, with best regards, would like to say thankyou

14/10/03-Thank you very much for book safely received. Excellent service, I would recommend you to anyone.

25/07/03 - Thank you very much. It arrived in good condition, first post this morning. The binding is excellent. You have done a very neat job and the whole result is a luxurious book.

13/06/03 - Book arrived a few minutes ago , excellent packaging . I can only think of one word to say "Magnificent" . I haven't felt this excited over a parcel since I was a child at Christmas .

28/05/03 - Thanks again for all your help and advice it looks great.

22/05/03- Just to let you know the books arrived this morning. They are superb, I am so pleased with them and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you once again

21/05/03 -Many thanks for my book which was received today. My sincere congratulations upon your binding work, I cannot say how pleased I am with the result, it exceeded my expectations.

28/04/03 - We are exceedingly pleased with the books you have done - it certainly must take a lot of patience and we appreciate the care you give to the job. Thank you.

01/03/03 - Binding arrived on Thurs am and once again I am very thrilled with your work! Thanks so much for the prompt and efficient service.

25/02/03 - Received book this morning. Thank you very much. This is third book you have bound for me and myself and family are delighted with results. I anticipate a request for extra copies! will keep you posted. again thank you.

13/02/03-The books arrived safely a few minutes ago and I am very pleased with them.

03/02/03- Many thanks I am really pleased with the results. It was a pleasure doing business.

14/01/03- Books arrived in perfect condition , thanks once again.

04/01/03- You did a great job with my two books, keep up the good work. I give you five stars.

19/12/02-My books arrived safely yesterday, Steve, and I am absolutely thrilled "to bits" with them. Well done! If I need anything binding again in the future I'll certainly use your service again.

10/12/02 -The books have arrived safe and sound, all intact and beautifully packed, so no problems. Many thanks they look wonderful. Just in time for the family to see over the holiday.

08/10/02 - Just a note of thanks for the wonderful job you have done on the bookbindings which arrived safely on's been a pleasure, and it goes without saying I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

"I am 'thrilled to bits' with the results""I keep looking at it and am so pleased with the professional look to it"

I was delighted with the book of my mother's memoirs and family history that you bound for me recently. I have given it to my mother, who was so amazed at what her "scribblings" had turned into that she was quite dumbfounded. She has now recovered herself sufficiently to study the book, and is as delighted as I am. You have given great pleasure.

"My books arrived safely. Thank you very much. They are much better than I could imagined."

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