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Here is a collection of links that I use constantly.

If you are ever looking for an out of print book or would like to know the value of a certain book, is the one I use.

It searches abebooks, alibris, and many more book websites all at the same time.

I find it works best by putting the author and title into the "keyword box"- that way if you have got the title slightly wrong you still find it - try it below.

Prices are in Dollars but you can change the currency at the bottom of the page.



A really useful site for finding genealogical resources & information online is

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Angela Aldam

~ Genealogy Services ~ - A professional family history researcher living in Bishop's Stortford on the Herts/Essex border. I can undertake genealogical archive research for you in the major repositories of central London, including the Society of Genealogists Library and the Principal Probate Registry. I can also do internet research for you, undertake location photography in my local area (east Herts, west Essex), or use my editorial skills to help you with the presentation of your own research. The Genealogy Home Page A huge resource Family history researcher for people wishing to learn about their English ancestors.Several free guides to research in England and Wales are available