University Dissertation and Thesis binding

We can bind to all University formats including the London University full soft bound.

Soft binding

Spine cloth Arbelave buckram, The sides hi-speed board, 230 microns. Lettered in gold on spine with name (initials, surname) degree and year of  submission.





Hard binding

Full bound in Arbelave Buckram.. Lettered in gold as required.

Please bring with you the full details of colour and lettering requirements.





Extra charges and postage

Important information

Our Address is

S. Ingram & D. Robinson Ltd.

The Bindery, Carnegie Heritage Information Centre 
(Old Carnegie Library)
342 Anlaby Road,

Tel: 01482 

Opening hours : Monday to Friday 8.30am to 11.30am. We are not open in the afternoons.

Customers with disabilities
We have a ground floor reception area with easy access and rampes. You are also welcome to drive up to the side of our building from within West Park, where you can phone us and we will come out to your car. We can also make local collections by arrangement.



For holidays please see our front page.










What to do if you are running out of time

Make sure you have enough ink and paper to print out your work. It can take several hours to print out and running out of supplies in the middle of the night can be a problem. (24hrs Tesco's on Beverley High Road or 24hrs Tesco's at St Stephen's in the town centre does stock inks and paper). It may be quicker to take your work on disc/memory card to a copy shop where they have fast printers. Plan which one to use.

It is not possible to make any changes once your work is handed in for binding and there is no space on our premises for you to make any final checks so please make sure that all copies are in the correct order. A good way of checking is to place them side by side and make sure they are the same thickness. Flick through them to make sure all the pages are the right way round. A common mistake is forget the references or even your title page.

What to do if you are seriously running out of time and are having problems holding it all together and you haven't slept for 2 days

If it's getting really scary, keep us informed of your progress. There's nothing worse than someone turning up unexpectedly five minutes before we close and expecting us to bind it straight away.