Photograph Albums

With the increase use of digital cameras, alongside the use of inkjet and laser printers it is no longer necessary to have a large bulky photograph album with "stuck in" photographs or those screw post albums that are four times the thickness of their pages.

two types of albums

More and more of our customers are opting to print their photographs out onto inkjet or laser photographic paper and have them bound as a landscape style hardbacked book. Papers around the 190gsm seem to give particularly good pages weight and flexibility. Many professionals we meet are choosing Matt finishes over the gloss.

We have a new range of suede effect covering that gives a great contemporary look. Binding start from £45 for A4

There some excellent papers at such as 7E282

Please remember we do not do any printing, we prefer to let you have full control of the quality of your images.

Like all our bindings you can choose not only the colour but have the album personalised with lettering all in the price.

pages with white edges

One thing you will need to bear in mind is our stiching. Are you going to have a white border around each of the photos and a white border at the spine?.

Alternativley you could bleed the images off the page to disappear into the spine and then let us trim all the other edges inorder to totally remove all the white edges. This is only possible is all your images are printed in the same position on the paper.

We are currently expanding the range of binding styles, materials and finishes to give you more choice.

We can now offer the option of binding in white and lettering can be in gold, silver or even blind (where the letters are impressed into the outside case without the use of any foil. )