Comic binding

This is one of the more delicate and specialized services we offer.

We have been responsible for binding many important collections here in the UK including the repair and restoration of the books from the library of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Collections of comics require a sympathetic and delicate approach.

Despite the yellowing of the pages due to acid in the paper comics are normally sound enough to bind after the staples have been removed.

Where the paper needs to be repaired on the fold we never tissue over the printed area.

We sew by hand using only the best linen thread and use a flexible reversible conservation EVA adhesive on the spine and "line it up" with bookbinders linen. Keeping the spine linings to a minimum produces a flexible spine that opens with ease and produces no internal stresses on the stitching or pages.

The endpapers we like to use are Heritage wood free and are cream/off white and acid free.

We do not guillotine the edges. It's not ethical

We normally case in Arbelave Buckram, the best we can find here in the UK which we stock almost the full range of colours.

We have a large selection of bookbinders type and can always send you a lettered sample if need be. We can usually get close to matching an existing volume (even if we think we could make it look better!!!!) Images are a problem is they cost from £40 to have specially cast.

For a 12 volume run the current price is £60.00 (plus postage) if only a small amount of repair is needed.

Right is my favorite cover so far.......Thanks to G.M. & Friends