Essential Information

The most important thing is to leave a 3cm (1¼inch) margin on the left-hand side of each sheet for binding.

· Leave a 2cm (3/4 inch) margin on all other edges, if possible, so that we can trim a little (ie.2mm) off the edges to tidy the page-edges up. (Watch out for page numbers falling into this area.)

· For presentation purposes, we recommend you only print on one side of each sheet.

· Only use A4 paper designed for copiers. Other papers cut down may be unsuitabe due to the direction of the grain. Check out this excellent guide if you want to learn more..

Double sided copies are, however, not a problem, as long as you leave the recommended margin on the spine side (binding edge). You will have to make sure the text is in the same position on both sides of the page. This can be checked by holding a page up to the light.

· We can bind up to approximately 76mm of pages into one volume (approx 700 sheets of 80gsm). This would produce a very heavy book. We would advise you to split such a volume into two.

· Books less than 40 pages cannot be lettered on the spine unless the thickness is increased by adding extra blank pages at the rear.

Please do not include any paper clips or staples in the work

We can bind any size and thickness of book. If you are producing a landscaped book the pages may look better with a larger left hand margin such as 4cm and our usual 2cm on all other edges.

· All copies must be collated before sending, as we are unable to check each one individually. We strongly advise you to check all your copies are in order. NEVER TRUST YOUR PRINTER/PHOTOCOPIER.

· Never send original historical documents and original photographs. Photos stuck onto sheets are fine but too many create an uneven swell. This can be avoided by using a colour photocopy instead. You can include blank sheets to attach the items to when the book is returned but don't forget that anything added to the book after it is bound will add extra swell to the book.

Please aviod using Parcelforce as they do not have a Hull office. Please use Royal Mail parcels. They deliver earlier in the day and also the staff all know us.

Normal turn around time to shipping is 7-14 days upon receipt but we ask for 28days to cover all eventualities. We ship by air so expected delivery is between 3 to 6 working days in addition to the turn around time.


Never trust your printer

I used to wonder how on earth my epson printer could manage to print pages out of order.

Here's the proof. I finally caught it in the act.

The paper would loop over itself like a spring and when it reached a certain tension, spring flat sliding itself into another part of the document.





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