I have a family tree that is quite large. Can it be placed in a pocket at the back?

Yes, we can make a pocket in the same colour cloth as your book and attach it to the inside of the rear board. This costs a little extra as it also includes compensating for the extra thickness within the binding. Please include the item to be pocketed or some paper of identical size and thickness so we can get the "fit" just right.

Please bear in mind that because your book is A4 in size anything placed in the pocket needs to be folded so it is smaller than A4 or it will stick out. Hence a sending dummy copy or the original, rolled up, may be worth considering.

You'll find the price for these on the price list under "cloth pockets"


My left hand margin is less than 3cm. Can you still bind it?

In order to stitch the pages together we make a series of holes ¼ inch from the left-hand edge of each sheet and sew them all together. If you can now imagine all your pages held tightly along this edge you will appreciate that if your writing falls too near this stitching the book will be difficult to read. Hence in our advice we ask for a 3cm(1¼ inch) although ¾ inch is acceptable if you have no alternative. If you are still not sure you are welcome to E-Mail us a copy of the page on "Word" and we will print it out and have a look for you.

How many pages (maximum) can be bound in 1 volume?

The main concern is really will the book be too heavy to comfortably hold. A book 4 inches thick would be OK if it was a reference book or index to something that was only occasionally referred to. This would work well if  left margin was 4cm. A book such as a family history that needs to be comfortable to hold would be better off  under 3 inches thick..

My Top, bottom and right hand margin is less than 2cm. Can you still bind it?

The other edges have no effect on the binding process. You can have both a larger or smaller margin. Some published books have maps that go all the way to the edge of the pages that look quite good. We only trim appox. 1mm off the edges to tidy them up. You are welcome to ask us not to trim the book if you wish. If you are still not sure, you are welcome to E-Mail us a copy of the page on "Word" and we will print it out and have a look for you.

Do you do photocopying or receive work by e-mail?

No, sorry. We prefer to give you the control over the quality of the printing and paper.

Can you give me any advice on what paper to use?

We recommend you use at least a 90gsm, as the thinner papers are too transparent. Over 150gsm the paper is almost card. We could probably say that the quality of the paper is dependent on the price and make of the paper. We had a book printed on Conquer white wove recently (wove is where you can see the mould marks in the paper-although you have to be careful to print on the same side of the paper sometimes as one side is more "grained" than the other.). This was mainly text and worked very well but it could possibly not work as well with illustrations. There are some very smooth brilliant white papers produced by Hewitt Packard (if my memory serves me correctly) that takes colour illustrations brilliantly. The problem is you can spend a fortune on paper, which is why we always insure the books in the post.

Is there any paper you cannot bind?

We do not have any problem binding any type of paper; the glossy photo paper is fine as long as you remember that a heavy paper will produce a heavy book and the pages will be stiff to turn.

What is the best way to send my book to you?

We recommend using the bubble wrap padded envelopes as ordinary envelopes can split. The cost of postage depends on weight not size and so a little extra light weight packing such as bubble wrap doesn't usually add to the postage cost. Also don't forget to put "Fragile-Please handle with care" on the package.

Can you bind any size paper?

Yes, but with smaller sized pages you need to appreciate that a small thick book printed on heavy paper is'nt going to open very well. Let me list some common paper sizes.

A4 (210mmx297mm)(8¼"x11½")

Letter 8½"x11"

Legal 8½"x 14"

A5 (148mmx210mm)(5¾"x8¼")........................

Half letter(5½"x8½")

If you are unsure about the opening of you book simply place it on a table, firmly hold the left-hand edge of your pages and open the pages with your other hand.

Here's a picture of an A4 size book and its opening.

Picture of how the book opens