Recent Bindings.

The following books are some of our recent commissions and turn an ordinary published book into a very special gift.

Prices typically range from £65 to £240.


Poems on the Abolition of the Slave trade by James Montgomery 1810. Calf Spine with raised bands and marble paper sides



Universe: A Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos by Nicholas Cheetham

Black goat skin spine with "glow in the dark" lettering. The boards covered in our own hand made "Hubbled" marbled paper.



A personalized notebook.

Covered in our own unique hand marbled paper and titled in gold.

We make our own inks and float them onto a lake of carrageen size. By the careful adjustment of both the strength and surface tension of the ink you are then able to gently manipulate the floating colours into beautiful shapes and patterns. A sheet of mordant coated paper is then gentle laid on top and the inks are magically transferred from the size to the paper.



A pair of matching personalized note books.

Black buckram spine with our individually made "hubbled" marble paper


One of our more unusual commissioned bindings. A photo album with a slither of stone inlaid into the front board. Lettering was carved into the board before applying the leather, the leather was dyed to give a crackled effect and then worked into a puckered style giving a grooved tactile texture. The album was then housed in a solandar box covered with Japanese Silk